Vapor Distilled: Better Oil Without Harsh Solvents

Vapor Distilled™ has introduced a groundbreaking thermal extraction technology that creates clean, quality cannabis oil without the use of harsh solvents. This revolutionary system focuses on a proprietary vaporization and condensation process to extract and decarb product in a matter of seconds. The technology involves minimal processing, allowing strain profiles to remain more intact, while simultaneously creating a pure, potent product.

The Vapor Distillation™ process works by quickly vaporizing cannabis or hemp with heated air, then condensing the vapor that is produced into a concentrate. The company has perfected this process in automated extraction machines that are manufactured at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. After filling a hopper on one side of a Vapor Distillation™ machine with cannabis or hemp, it moves through the machine on an automated system. The plant material is then heated just to the point of vaporization, and the plant material and oils are separated as vapor is created. This vapor is quickly recondensed, and what’s left behind is a concentrated condensation of cannabis or hemp oil. While it may sound easy, this process is incredibly unique and took the company several years—and millions of dollars—to perfect. The science of this innovative operation was developed through complex engineering and refined with several generations of prototypes, resulting in a consistency that cannot be denied.

Vapor Distilled™

The concentrated oil is comparable in many ways to what is already on the market, but comes fully decarbed after one run through this system. Typically, flavors original to the plant are burned off in conventional decarb processing, but Vapor Distilled™ uses a proprietary Flash Activation™ process that instantly activates oil as it is being extracted. Activating the oil in the initial procedure without adding extra heat keeps key cannabinoids intact, making the oil ideal for edibles and topical infusions, as well as vapor cartridges and dabs. These machines can process around three kilograms of plant material into beautiful, thick amber oil every hour, with relatively little effort.

Extraction hubs around the state will have multiple machines running throughout the day. Skilled operators will be on staff to assist and ensure dependable product quality. The machines are even self-cleaning, keeping things sanitary between rounds. The mission of Vapor Distilled™ is to make safe extraction affordable, so high-quality products make it onto the shelves for consumers. Vapor Distilled™ provides a new opportunity in producing high-grade oil at an affordable rate.

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