Vapor Smoothie, Anyone? Refresh Your Palate with NUG Concentrates

Test Results: 71.13% THC | .35% CBD | 70/30 Indica-Dominant | Tested By: CW Analytical

Strawberry Banana Shatter by NUG Concentrates

There are strains named after lineage, cosmetics, breeders—even flavor. Strawberry Banana’s name not only tells us where it came from (Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubblegum), but how it smells and tastes. NUG concentrates are products of perfected strains and an extraction process called “de-waxing,” which better preserves terpene and flavonoid profiles and produces higher-than-average test results. For those concerned about their health, NUG keeps their products free of additives, with 0 PMM (parts per million) residual solvents.

Strawberry Banana Shatter by NUG Concentrates
Strawberry Banana Shatter by NUG Concentrates

Clear and yellow-gold, it smells and looks like tropical candy. Either on a nail, pen or pipe, it’s full of strawberry-dominant flavor and a hint of banana crème. It tastes just like a smoothie in vapor form. Strawberry Banana immediately hit me with a slight buzz as it lifted me off with an intense heady effect, followed by full body relaxation that led to peace, clarity and focus.

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Available At…

  1. Abatin Wellness Center: 2100 29th St, Sacramento, CA 95817
  2. Airfield Supply Co.: 1190 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110
  3. Dutchman’s Flat Medical Cannabis Dispensary: 2544 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107


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