She Dont Know Cannabis Snacks: Gluten Free Cookies and Vegan Coconut Bites


  • Test Results: 5mg THC per cookie/bite
  • Instagram: @sdksnacks
  • Website:

Infused Vegan Coconut Goodies

Vegan, raw, gluten-free goodies made with organic fruit, almonds, coconut and zero sugar. These delicious treats are reminiscent of coconut macaroons, and pack 5mg of THC in each yummy morsel. Try them with hot coffee or tea in the morning for a guilt-free indulgence that fits into even a strict Paleo Diet!

Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies

Gluten-Free and baked using quality local ingredients such as Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour and Darigold Butter, these chocolate chip cookies are extraordinary. Each tasty bite of cookie contains melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips that make this treat wholly addictive. They are thankfully low-dosed at 5mg of THC per serving, as they are most certainly binge-worthy!

SHE DONT KNOW makes quality, healthy alternatives for those looking for convenient cannabis snacks. These edibles come individually packaged with 10 servings, each serving containing 5mg of THC.

AVAILABLE AT: Alberta Green House 1313 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211 – Green Ridge Apothecary 106 NE 8th St. McMinnville, OR 97128 – Western Oregon Dispensary 1013 N Springbrook Rd. Newberg, OR 97132


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