Veganic Platinum Cookies

Test Results: 27.00% THC, .04% CBD


Master grower Kyle Kushman coined the term “veganic” to describe his widely admired grow technique that is fully vegan – utilizing no animal parts or byproducts – as well as organic. Veganic Platinum Cookies is a grown from a pheno of Girl Scout Cookies that won Best Flower at the 2013 High Times US Cannabis Cup.


The batch we sampled featured small, densely packed buds, predominately light green with dark green highlights, some hints of purple, and a beautiful frosty layer of trichomes that had me looking forward to the holiday season. Veganic Platinum Cookies is a gorgeous strain and you can see the OG Kush elements as soon as you pick up the bud.


Veganic Platinum Cookies has that unmistakably sweet aroma of OG Kush that cannabis users have come to know and love, with a nice shot of pine from the Durban Poison parent. Imagine walking through a lush green forest with your favorite bag of sugar cookies, the air around you filled with baked sweetness.


No wonder this strain used to be called Girl Scout Cookies. The buds are so sweet you can literally eat them raw – though we don’t usually recommend chewing on dried flowers. When smoked, the taste is a perfect balance of the strain’s OG Kush and Durban Poison parents: sweeter at first, piney on the exhale, and a mildly spicy finish.


Veganic Platinum Cookies is a strong, balanced hybrid that hits hard up front, keeps on giving, and tapers off gently. I felt that immediate OG calm washing over my whole body at first, and then just a moment later, my brain started to energize from the Durban Poison. The effects were pleasant and allowed for productivity.


This wonderful hybrid strain was expertly grown with Kyle Kushman’s meticulous vegan-organic methodology, and could be helpful in relieving a wide range of symptoms and conditions, from body pain to mind and mood adjustments. The only contra-indication would be that the energetic sativa elements from the Durban Poison genetics can have a very strong effect. Use this strain with care and intention.

Available Exclusively at: Buds and Roses Collective

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