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Veritas: Discover the Perfect Strain to Elevate Your Experience



Veritas Fine Cannabis - Denver, CO

Veritas Fine Cannabis – Denver, CO

Veritas Fine Cannabis is the oldest recreational cannabis wholesaler in the country, and has been busy perfecting its craft since the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2014. At Veritas, they know that widespread cultivation has left some consumers a little overwhelmed with the amount of options available on the market, so they try their hardest to cultivate specific strains with reliable, consistent effects which help their customers find the exact results they’re looking for. The Veritas team has turned its focus toward terpene production and various cannabinoids that push the classifications of the standard sativa, indica and hybrid strain groups.

Veritas Fine Cannabis - Denver, CO

The Place

There is zero machinery involved in the growing process at Veritas — absolutely everything is done by hand. From potency development to root health and maturity, each component is cared for with meticulous, handcrafted care. Bamboo stakes assist plant structure in the garden, and regular pruning of the top leaves helps with overall light and airflow to the middle and bottom of the plants. These kinds of details are taken into account day by day, plant by plant, with the team constantly learning and developing new ways to bring about as much trichome presence, flavor and aroma as possible.

Veritas Fine Cannabis - Denver, CO

The Product

Veritas breaks the mold of standardized sativa, indica and hybrid strains, opting to categorize products by desired mood. “Invigorate” strains are recommended to provide energy, focus and a potently psychoactive high. Looking to enhance your mood and creativity? Try an “Invite” sativa-dominant hybrid strain — these uplifting strains include options such as Sueno, Super Sour Lemon and Cherry Diesel. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try an “Alleviate” indica strain, sure to relax both the body and mind after a long day. The “Rejuvenate” (indica-dominant hybrid) options are sure to relieve pain, aid in sleep and help stimulate your appetite. Their 50/50 hybrid options make up the “Innovate” strains, which simultaneously help to uplift and relax your mood, and include some house favorites like Cookies ‘N Cream, Birthday Cake and Veritas Cookies (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies).

Veritas Fine Cannabis - Denver, CO

“There is zero machinery involved in the growing process at Veritas — absolutely everything is done by hand.”


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