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Video Games to Get Stoned To



For our Sustainability Issue, we’re featuring the best video games with themes of green well-being and earth positivity. Each game has been paired with the particular kind of high you’d like to feel, as well as a few suggested strains to enhance your gaming experience.

Flower Video Games

Game: Flower

Can Be Played On: VITA, PS3, PS4, iOS

Stoner Mood: Relaxing/Uplifting

Strain Recommendations: God’s Gift, AK-47, Northern Lights

In this classic 90-minute adventure, you control a handful of flower petals and soar through the wind on a mission to restore life to rolling hills, valleys and urban cityscapes. There are no enemies, only checkpoints. The game has a pro-nature message about human ambition, and a full play-through feels like a vacation from it all. Flowerachieves excellence in every category: graceful controls, soothingmelodiesand entrancing visuals. You’ll feel uplifted for days after completing the journey.

Luxuria Superbia Video Games

Game: Luxuria Superbia

Can Be Played On: iOS, Android

Stoner Mood:Arousing

Strain Recommendations:GSC, Hindu Skunk, Sour Dream

 Remember “body education” from middle school, where they split the class and handed out outdated pamphlets? You might find this game taped under your seat as a final secret level. It’s psychedelic, suggestive and even instructive, but never sexually explicit.

Katamari Damacy Video Games

Game: Katamari Damacy

Can Be Played On: PS2, VITA, Xbox 360, PS3

Stoner Mood: Euphoria

Strain Recommendations: Durban Poison, Green Crack, Dutch Hawaiian

You’ll never forget rolling up your first Katamari. The blend of energy, happiness and chaos is like catapulting down a slip ‘n slide slickened with vibrant colors, mushrooms, Japan and unicorn barf. Oh, the places youll go! Though the game seems to be about speed and size, you’ll come to realize it’s enjoyable at all paces. There are zany, manic levels and slow, beautiful ones. Rolling up fireflies in the night to jazz music or completing the ‘one million rose’ Katamari are unique experiences in gaming. This series was made for weed smokers.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Video Games

Game: Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Can Be Played On: iOS, Android

Stoner Mood: Hungry

Strain Recommendations: Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, Cheese

Experience what it’s like to own your own pizzeria. Warning: you willorder pizza after playing.

Botanicula Video Games

Game: Botanicula

Can Be Played On: PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Stoner Mood: Creative

Strain Recommendations: Trainwreck, Amnesia Haze, Platinum GSC

In this modern point-and-click classic, a heroic seed leads a team of fungi and bugs on an adventure to purge an evil corruption spreading through their forest. Botaniculas low-key, humdrum tone and hypnotizing animation feels like an indica lullaby. Players will contemplate and stumble through Botanicula’s microscopic dystopia and clever puzzles. This world of minimalistic nature sounds and organic art is the perfect dose of chill for psychic-plane wanderers and fitful sleepers.


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