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Vineyard Select: Smokes — and Tastes — Like a Fine Wine



Vineyard Select by The Herbal Center

Vineyard Select by The Herbal Center

We’re head over heels for this unique cultivar from The Herbal Center: Vineyard Select, an optimum choice for alleviating anxiety, depression or a sense of restlessness. This stunning cross between Grape Pie and Apple Juice provides potent flavor and well-balanced hybrid effects. It’s also a visual masterpiece of green and violet hues dominated by a thick layer of scintillating trichomes. Expect a strong kush aroma followed by an Apple Jacks sweetness and a flavor of earthy Grape Kool-Aid. I recommend smoking it rolled up as a joint, or with a piece of freshly cleaned glass; flower of this caliber is too nice to be tainted by dirty glass and old bong water.

Vineyard Select by The Herbal Center

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