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A Vision Of Harmony Farms: Permeating Longevity, Creativity and Quality



Brilliant, Green Ninja Scientists

Harmony Farms Extraction Technician, Lealan Corbin, inspects the maturity of the planet prior to Harvest with his tattoo featuring the molecular structure of a THC molecule on display.

I dream of Gene Wilder overseeing the Tier III facility in Lacey, Washington – producing Green Crack, Sunset Sherbert and Bubba Fire, but it is not so. The folks running this 30,000 square foot operation are of a more zen mindset, and there are no Oompa Loompas to be found. But their personalities are just as colorful. Harmony Farms — one of Washington’s largest and most ubiquitous names — champions integrity, character and individuality.

Benefits of a diverse workforce start at the top and trickle down into their sticky buds. Some people know how things are done; others how things will come to be done. Will, a veteran who worked in fast food and dealt with grim challenges all-too-common amongst returning veterans, now manages an important stage of the curing process at Harmony Farms. High standards in the workplace gave Will foundation and stability. His propensity for creativity and learning opened a niche pocket for him. Dreams and families – Harmony grows those, too.

Keep Science Clean

A teen flower of the indica strain “The White” at Harmony Farms.

Harmony Farms is also about good science that benefits the consumer. They are becoming all-LED and aim to reduce power usage by 50 percent while tripling output in the next year. Flower is cured with Nitrogen in order to preserve those tasty trichomes and delicious terpenes. They’ve learned from other industries’ perishables packaging, and now utilize jarring processes that disallow oxidation to ensure low degradation and high quality. Their extensive line of strain-specific waxes use a clean, reclaimable solvent in CO2 that is better for the environment and safer for the consumer.

“It’s our generation. [Our] marijuana culture naturally lends itself to the mindset that nature needs to be preserved in order to protect our environment.”

– Gabe Edgers, Operations Manager

It’s a blessing that our industry leaders are still promoting environmentally sustainable futures. I-502 has seen a booming $1.5 billion in transactions, and influential companies like Harmony Farms are leading the industry’s focus on the triple-bottom line: environmentalism, social justice, and profitability. Harmony Farms: a balance of heart, mind and dankness.


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