What Are They Smokin’?: A Weed-Related Crisis For Three Of The NFL Draft’s Top Prospects

The 2016 NFL Draft was full of surprises.

Prior to the league’s annual event there were a pair of trades for the draft’s top two picks. Then, in the middle of the draft, the unexpected happened. No, not another trade. One of the year’s top prospects—Laremy Tunsil—had a video of him wearing a marijuana-smoking gas mask tweeted from his very own account.

Tunsil—once a candidate to be the top pick—tumbled down the draft board until the Dolphins selected him with the 13th overall pick. It cost the Ole Miss tackle millions of dollars, while it secured an elite prospect for Miami.

It was the most bizarre draft story in recent memory.

And it could happen again this year.

To prepare for such an unlikely event, we’ve decided to create a weed-related crisis for three of this year’s top prospects and identified how far the prospect could drop if that scenario played out.

Myles Garrett

What if… Garrett, a fan of dinosaurs, took too many edibles before watching the latest Jurassic World movie … and he believed it was real.

Confused, and a little scared, Garrett then leaves his house and starts running through the streets yelling, “THE INDOMINUS REX IS COMING!!! WHERE IS CHRIS PRATT TO SAVE US?” And, of course, someone records the video and posts it on Twitter.

Or, Garrett could say Jurassic Park 3 is the best in the series, and he would be entered into the league’s drug-abuse protocol immediately.

How far could he drop? Garrett—the consensus No. 1 player in the draft—wouldn’t drop very far at all. With rumors circulating that the Browns might select Trubisky, let’s assume Cleveland passes on the Texas A&M pass rusher. There’s no way he drops past the 49ers at No. 2. He’s exactly what they need, and weed’s already legal in California; so who cares?

Mitchell Trubisky

What if… Trubisky—a candidate to be the first QB selected—was being interviewed on TV, but right before he goes live, the North Carolina QB takes a big hit.

The interviewer then asks Trubisky about his decision to be called Mitchell rather than Mitch.

Trubisky then giggles and says, “Honestly, who cares, man? My last name is way funnier. Trubisky. Tru-bis-ky. Trubiscuit. Oh, man, how funny would it be if my name was Trubiscuit? Actually, a Trubiscuit sounds amazing right now.”

How far could he drop? Probably not very far. The NFL is desperate for QBs. The Browns would still probably trade up for him if this happened.

Patrick Mahomes

What if… Mahomes—a fast-riser, according to many around the league—creates a clothing line, starting with hats with the moniker “Patrick is my Mahomesboy.” It’s a popular hat, sure, but it’s really a front for this quarterback’s secret weed smuggling.

Right before the draft, one of Mahomes’ trucks gets stopped by Border Patrol and is busted for carrying pounds of weed.

How far could he drop? Are you kidding me? He’d be a hero.


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