Weed Weekends: Aphrodisia And Autumn: When Festive Beverages Mingle With The Perfect Strain

Aphrodisia And Autumn

Keep your spirits high over the holidays with these seductive booze and bud pairings.

What’s your precursor to foreplay? It can be an inviting scent, a full moon, a sexy tune, a feisty fantasy, an especially potent landrace strain…a sip or two or three of your favorite vintage. Potent aphrodisiacs inspire better sex; turning faint whispers and purrs into ecstatic fits of pleasure. As the summer air turns brisk and the sun sets sooner, try these warm and toasty love potions to help fan the flames of desire this holiday season.

Hot Toddy & Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

When the weather’s colder, drinks are cozier. Sipping a Hot Toddy warms the body from the inside out, creating a protective shield around your soul as you brave the autumnal chill. Simply boil water and add honey, cinnamon sticks, lemon and whiskey. This cold weather curative pairs perfectly with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The deep purple and green buds are sweet with a hint of mint, mingling in harmony as cinnamon lingers on your tongue. After a few tokes and sips, surrender to the sedation with your softest blanket for an extended, naked cuddle session.

Sparkling Wine & Space Queen

Whether you’re toasting over turkey, snuggling by the fire or hunting constellations in the night sky, ‘tis the season to celebrate with sparkling wine. Straight up, or laced with freshly-squeezed orange juice, a flute-full combines well with the citrusy and sassy Space Queen. Once the bubbles cause your head to tingle, wrap your lips around this sweet, woodsy, cosmic treat and prepare for an onset of playful, euphoric vibes. You’ll giggle. Something lascivious could happen. Go with it. Ride this head high for as long as it lasts, then embrace the body buzz that follows.

Spiced Apple Cider & Hashberry

Served hot or chilled, spiced apple cider is autumn bundled up in a mug. The cloves, nutmeg, orange and cinnamon pair well with Hashberry flower. Its mellow vibe has spicy, sweet and earthy properties. This pairing will leave you licking your lips between hits. Make note of any peppery terpenes, delightful hashish undertones and how well they mix with cider. With each puff, past memories resurface as thoughts of harvest moons, flannel scarves and crisp air flood your senses. Every charming nuance of this delightful combination releases tension, spreads warmth and keeps your teeth from chattering.

Cabernet & The Truth

Red wine warms the blood, soothes the soul and excites the taste buds, making it the perfect choice for nippy nights when frosty breezes threaten to seize you. Soft on the palate, Cabernet is often well-balanced with notes of lush, dark fruit, hints of black pepper, subtle vanilla and slight leather. Notice the delicate, savory interplay between earth, spice and fruit as you inhale The Truth, a hybrid of San Fernando Valley OG, Triangle Kush and Chemdawg. As tannins dance across your tongue, calm euphoria sets in, followed by bursts of brightness. You’ll feel relaxed, yet motivated to socialize, so raise a glass of your favorite full-bodied selection from Napa or Bordeaux and propose a toast to Bacchus, the god of the grape harvest, wine and fertility.

Holiday Seasonal Beer & Sour Diesel

Whether your winter warmer is stronger, darker, hoppier or spiced, holiday seasonals have a fuller body, a higher alcohol content and a richer texture, creating a much needed layer of insulation as you navigate your way through the holiday frenzy. But, before the myrcene kicks in, you’ll want to spark a Sour Diesel joint to stay spirited. This pungent smelling nug marries well with the tranquilizing effects of a foamy, festive brew, leaving you jovial with the courage to get extra flirty.


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