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The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018



The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

The top news of 2018 was filled with the frustrating, sad, strange and disturbing. Do you remember the story about the ear transplant for a deserving soldier or the 12 tons of chocolate milk spilled on a Polish highway? Probably not!

Don’t worry. We’ve collected our favorite weird and wacky news stories from every month of 2018.

So, sit back, relax, grab a toke, and read about some of the strangest things that happened last year.

January — Texas Inmate Escapes Prison to Return with Food, Alcohol and Tobacco

When a Texas inmate escaped from prison, no one expected him to try and break back in just a few hours later. But that’s exactly what 25-year-old Joshua Hansen did. He escaped prison to grab a duffle bag filled with bottles of alcohol, tobacco and home-cooked food, only to later return. Smart? Nope, but hopefully he’s happy.

The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

February — Pigzilla Versus Trashcan in Hong Kong

Forget Godzilla, Pigzilla is alive and well in Hong Kong. In February, a feral pig was caught on camera rummaging in a dumpster while standing on his hind legs. The weird and wacky part was the size of the beast. He weighed as much as 450 pounds and looked more like a small elephant than a pig. Of course, the video quickly went viral, and why not? Pigzilla is epic!

March — Orange Snow Fell in Europe

In March, parts or Europe looked like a Martian wonderland with orange snow and a toasted marshmallow sky. The strange event occurred thanks to dense Saharan dust being kicked into the air and swept far north in a polar jet stream. The result? Orange-colored snow in Eastern Europe through Italy, the Balkans, Ukraine and into Western Russia.

The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

April — Colorado Man Survives Bear Mauling and Shark Bite in One Year

Meet Dylan McWilliams, one of the unluckiest guys on the planet! It started in July 2017, when McWilliams was bit on the back of his head by a black bear while camping in his home state. He somehow managed to beat the one in 2.1 million odds of being injured by a bear and got nine staples for the effort. Then, less than a year later in April 2018, McWilliams was body surfing off the island of Kauai, Hawaii when a tiger shark bit his leg, requiring seven stitches. Again, he managed to the beat the one in 11.5 million odds of being attacked by a shark in U.S. waters. Way to be awesome.

May — Surgeons Perform Successful Ear Transplant

When Pvt. Shamika Burrage lost her left ear in a car accident that should have been the end of the story. Thankfully, it was just the beginning. At 19, Burrage had her whole life ahead of her, so the Army decided she deserved a second chance with a total ear reconstruction—the first of its kind. Using cartilage from Burrage’s ribs, surgeons grew an entirely new left ear under the skin of her forearm. From there, the new ear was attached to her head using plastic surgery. Arm-ear anyone?

The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

June — World’s Ugliest Dog Announced

Every June, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest is held in San Francisco. In 2018, a nine-year-old English bulldog named Zsa Zsa took home the top prize of $1,500 for being positively hideous. The bulldog had a large under bite, droopy eyes, a lolling tongue, floppy ears, and an overall look that only a mother could love. Still, he’s kind of cute!

The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

July — Man Exercises Naked at Planet Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of nudity, at least when you’re at home. When you’re exercising at Planet Fitness, that’s an entirely different story. Unfortunately, Eric Stagno of Haverhill, Massachusetts, didn’t get the message. Instead, Stagno decided to strip naked and starting doing yoga, because as he told police, Planet Fitness was supposed to be a “Judgment Free Zone.” Bad news for him; judgment and arrest ensued.

August — Parrott Curses-Out Firefighter to the Rescue

In August, when Jessie the parrot got stuck on a rooftop in London for three days, a firefighter came to her rescue. Unfortunately, Jessie didn’t appreciate it and spewed profanity at the rescuer—flipping him the bird (snort). This was in spite of the fact that the firefighter said, “I love you,” the key to to bonding with the bird. But, instead of saying, “I love you” back, Jessie told the London Fire Brigade member to “fuck off.” Birds of a feather and all that.

The Best Weird and Wacky News of 2018

September — Seal Slaps Kayaker with Octopus

The absolute best story in September had to be the tale of the New Zealand kayaker who was dramatically slapped in the face by an octopus-wielding seal. The hysterical video quickly became a viral sensation showing a seal zipping beneath the ocean’s surface before rising suddenly to throw an octopus at Kyle Mulinder as he paddled off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand.

October — $1.4 Million Painting Self-Destructs

How would you like to pay $1.4 million dollars for a one-of-a-kind painting only to watch it self-destruct just a few minutes later? That’s what happened in October when Banksy’s “Girl with the Balloon” painting immediately began shredding itself from top to bottom with strips of the canvas hanging from the bottom of the frame. Shortly after the destruction, Sotheby’s renamed the painting, “Love is in the Bin.” Speculation is the half-destroyed painting is now worth even more money. Don’t worry; we don’t get it either.


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