West Cliff Wellness: Keeping it Local in Santa Cruz


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  • Website: westcliffwellness.com
  • Address: 1100 Fair Ave Unit B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

West Cliff Wellness – Santa Cruz, CA

Welcome to Santa Cruz! This legendary town is a beacon for the cannabis community, housing a high population of partakers who have been at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement since its inception. West Cliff Wellness is the culmination of the city’s counterculture. CEO Tyler Smith emphasizes that “Santa Cruz is a forward-thinking area that allowed a lot of Prop 215 businesses to develop in the market without too much interference.”

West Cliff Wellness Santa Cruz

The Business

West Cliff Wellness didn’t open until this spring, though Smith envisioned the store many years prior. “Our location used to be a tile shop,” Smith says. “I always told the owner in the past that if the city decided we can put a dispensary here, they’re going to have to move. Sure enough, it came up and we got the permit.” The shop has several owners, many of whom were born and/or raised in Santa Cruz. Three of the owners also founded a cultivation business, 3 Bros Grow — located half an hour south in Moss Landing — which will sell a large selection of product at West Cliff Wellness. Opening this storefront is one step toward completing their ultimate goal: vertical integration, providing retail, delivery, cultivation, distribution and manufacturing services to the community.

West Cliff Wellness Santa Cruz

The Culture

West Cliff Wellness’ interior showcases a mural by local illustrator Mckella Jo, and its walls are decorated with modern, elegant graphics of cannabis plants drawn growing out of dark wood panels. “We’re here putting out good vibes, trying to share the benefits of cannabis with people as an educational destination ran by advocates,” notes Smith. A trip to West Cliff Wellness could include a stroll to visit neighboring businesses selling groceries, coffee and wine. One recommended activity while riding the West Cliff high is rolling down to the beach for a coastal session or catching some waves and stunning views of the boardwalk. To celebrate the new store, West Cliff Wellness plans to have a party on 4/20 — make sure to follow them on social media to stay informed on events and announcements.

“We’re here putting out good vibes, trying to share the benefits of cannabis with people as an educational destination ran by advocates.” – Tyler Smith, West Cliff Wellness CEO

Ashleigh Castro

Ashleigh Castro is a New York seed grown in the California sunshine. A photographer by nature, she developed while capturing peace rallies in San Francisco and snapping shots of musicians. She started at DOPE taking photos for DOPE Magazine as it launched in Northern California in 2015. Aesthetically, her favorite medium to shoot in is film such as 35mm and medium format. Since she studied journalism, she put her DOPEn to the paper and started writing stories about healing family through cannabis, sustainably sourced edibles and consciously created local products. Having developed obscure food allergies caused by histamine intolerance, she applies cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and the anxieties surrounding food intolerance. Now managing the NorCal office as well as the area’s content, you can find her on the scene with the DOPE squad or roller skating in the Bay Area’s scenic spots. Her greatest joy working at DOPE is being able to help found a Dream Team of talent and style.

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