Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel

Delectable, Non-Psychoactive Dessert-Topper!


  • Test results: 194.32mg CBD per 2oz. jar
  • Tested by: Green Leaf Lab | greenleaflab.org
  • Produced and provided by: The Brothers Apothecary | Leather Storrs
  • Instagram: @thebrothersapothecary
  • Website: thebrothersapothecary.com | leatherstorrs.com

Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel by The Brothers Apothecary & Leather Storrs

This dynamite collaboration between award-winning chef Leather Storrs (of famed Portland restaurant Noble Rot) and The Brothers Apothecary sets a new standard in the edibles market. At room temperature, Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel is fairly stiff, but after a bit of warming it becomes the perfect consistency for dipping on fruit or topping desserts.

The smell immediately got my mouth watering; burnt marshmallow flavors mixed with a rich caramel sweetness. At almost 200mg CBD per jar, Wezz Burnt CBD Caramel provides a pleasant physical relaxation without the mental buzz of THC. In the future, look for Storrs’ fantastic THC and CBD products under the name “Weezer”—his products will be widely available once final approval comes from the OLCC.

Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel by The Brothers Apothecary & Leather Storrs
Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel by The Brothers Apothecary & Leather Storrs

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller has been a contributing writer for Dope Magazine since January 2016. Since joining, he has produced numerous features reviewing the many different cannabis products the Washington cannabis market has to offer. Along with writing, Aaron has been working on the retail side of cannabis since 2015. While studying print and online journalism for 2 years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Central Washington University in 2012. He has a passion for cannabis education and would love to see much more funding for research into the effects of the individual cannabinoids. One of the top items on his cannabis bucket list is to road trip across America and smoke a joint in every state. With the trend of legalization, he hopes to realize this dream sooner rather than later.