What’s That New Buzz In Portland?: It’s the Potlandia Tour Bus Rolling a Fat New Visitor Experience 


— Now Booking Smokin’ Marijuana Tours and Rockin’ Charters — 

PORTLAND, OR – Progressive, fun Portland, Oregon has beer tours, food tours and wine tours, so why not a tour that focuses on the thriving new legal recreational marijuana industry that is, excuse the expression, growing like a weed throughout the city and its environs? Introducing POTLANDIA, a rocking new tour experience by veteran tour operators Wayne Oppenheimer and Camille Gonzalez, with a goal of creating safe, fun and educational tour experiences focused on marijuana dispensaries, growing facilities . . . and places to buy lots of munchies.

To that end, the couple/business partners have created the one-of-a-kind POTLANDIA tour bus, an insanely cool, retrofitted airport shuttle van that comfortably seats 14 and has the trippiest pot-leaf upholstery design and day-glo colors on wheels, all set to a throbbing rock-and-roll soundtrack. And to answer the first question on many people’s minds, yes, the driver is shielded from any secondhand smoke by a unique and proprietary capsule that keeps him or her safe, straight and smoke-free.

“It’s not just about getting stoned,” said Oppenheimer, also known as Wayne the Wine Wizard when he dresses up in his purple, velour cape, crown and scepter. The Great Oregon Tours company that he began in 2009 continues to be a leader in wine tours of Portland and the Willamette Valley. “Just as our wine tours aren’t alcohol tours, our pot tours will focus on the educational aspect of the recreational marijuana scene in Portland, while having a great time getting to know our city.”

A POTLANDIA tour will visit a Chalice pot dispensary; grow rooms; the Mellow Mood glass shop that stocks an extraordinary selection of artistic, glass-blown paraphernalia; the Coalition Brewery, which recently announced the release of the first-ever Cannobidoil (CBD) Hemp-infused beer; and the House Spirits distillery to sample and learn about the making of artisan spirits. A final stop – and not a minute too soon — will be to a Portland food cart pod.

Just as a wine tour does not invite drunkenness or alcohol over-consumption, the POTLANDIA tour neither encourages nor discourages marijuana consumption or overuse. The tour company does not distribute or sell weed, and “what customers choose to do in the back of the bus is their business,” said Oppenheimer. “We want everyone to have a very fun and safe time.”

To that end, the tour will pick up and drop off guests at Portland hotels and central locations. The tours are ideal for visitors over 21 who come to Oregon and are curious about exploring the new recreational marijuana industry that is only available in a few states.

POTLANDIA tours are priced at $90/person, and charters of the POTLANDIA bus are available at $125/hour with a six-hour minimum. Reservations can be made at 503-616-1918 or through the company’s website, www.thepotlandiaexperience.com.

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