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Whoopi & Maya

When Whoopi met Maya, they knew the synergy between them would make something wonderful come to life. With women specifically in mind, the two created a line of meticulously crafted topicals and edibles that have finally come to Colorado. Designed to enhance various aspects of the feminine experience, herbs like passionflower, lavender and cannabis bring the Whoopi & Maya line to a new level of relaxation.

Getting into the calming “Soak” bath salt blend is a detoxifying treat, lulling you into amazing menstrual relief with organic lavender and responsibly-sourced cannabis. “Relax,” their THC-infused tincture with elderberry, red raspberry and motherwort, will quickly ease menstrual aches, calm your mind and elevate your immune system.

“Rub,” the body balm, melts into your skin, and the concentrated organic herbs help to relieve pain from sore muscles or cramps. “Savor,” a raw cacao powder, is rich without being too sweet—the perfect mood elevator with hormone-balancing properties. Eaten with fruit or sipped in a hot drink, this single-use pouch of delicious vegan chocolate is something to delicately savor.

Each product is specifically formulated to enhance the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. With other healing herbs and natural elements, these harmonious blends make a wonderful Valentine’s gift for someone special—or yourself!

Featured Products

Whoopi & Maya Relax Tincture

Relax Tincture

Size: 1 oz

Dosage: 100mg THC | 30 servings per bottle

Whoopi & Maya Rub Topical

Rub Topical

Size: 2 oz

Dosage: 75mg THC | 25mg CBD

Whoopi & Maya Soak Bath Salts

Soak Bath Salts

Size: 8 oz

Dosage: 25mg THC | 25mg CBD

Whoopi & Maya Savor Raw Cacao

Savor Raw Cacao

Size: Single-use pouch

Dosage: THC version = 10mg THC

CBD version | 10mg CBD | 1mg THC

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Available At…

  1. Ajoya: 1100 W Dillon Rd #3, Louisville, CO 80027
  2. Life Flower: 4966 Leetsdale Dr., Glendale, CO 80246
  3. Simply Pure: 2000 W 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211


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