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WildSide Cannabis-Infused Hydration



WildSide by Green Revolution

WildSide by Green Revolution

Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but this infused soda from WildSide seems to kick in faster than most. The fizzy watermelon flavor lingers on my tongue long after swallowing, an energy drink-esque aftertaste I’d attribute to all those scientific-sounding additives on the ingredient list, like “potassium sorbate.”

I drink two of the 12-ounce bottle’s three servings on one occasion, and my head rush gradually evolves into a pleasant bodily numbness, a relief on my sore knee and stiff writer’s fingers. Walking through a crowded farmer’s market proves a bit disorienting under the influence, but otherwise, I feel a stoned sense of focus – a little sluggish but immersed in what I’m doing. Relaxing but not paralyzing, this is a great beverage to sip on a lazy day and appreciating your surroundings with a calm mind and loose muscles.

Available At…


  1. All Higher Leaf Locations
  2. All Gallery Locations
  3. New Vansterdam: 6515 E Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661


  1. Locals Canna House: 9616 E Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley, WA 99206
  2. Lovely Buds: 4107 E Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA 99202
  3. Walla Walla Cannabis Co.: 927 W Main St., Walla Walla, WA 99362


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