Will Waldrop And Evio Labs

Evio Labs is an Oregon-based analytical company with labs in Eugene, Bend and right outside of Medford, helping clients get their product to market. Not just a lab but a strategic partner, they help producers comply with regulations and create awareness around product testing. They aim to teach producers that testing will help increase product value while putting a better product on store shelves.

Will Waldrop has been a trail blazer since day one. From a telecommunication commercial leasing company to the cannabis industry, Waldrop finds happiness in providing services that help people accomplish their goals and objectives. After a short period of time, he was recruited into the cannabis industry to assist prospective entrepreneurs in obtaining Nevada licenses. Time and time again, Waldrop heard stories of cannabis users getting sick. He had a hunch that it wasn’t the cannabis but rather the presence of heavy metals and pesticides found within the flower. This sparked concern in Waldrop and it was one of the core reasons for opening up Evio labs—to ensure compliant, quality products and medicine are making their way to consumers and patients. “When the consumers and the patients can’t protect themselves, we have to be there to help protect them and make sure they get products that are compliant,” Waldrop expressed.

“Let’s take the guesswork out of cannabis, stop guessing and let us help you.” -Anthony Smith, PhD

Waldrop is on a mission to ensure that the cannabis industry is held to a high standard. “We just want to ensure that we can demonstrate to both cannabis and non-cannabis users alike that this industry is full of integrity—that this industry takes the time to ensure that the user of the product, whether medicinally or recreationally, has the highest quality product available to them.”

Helping people manage change—especially on the laboratory side—still has a lot of questions that need answering. The team at Evio Labs has been diligently focused on product manufacturing and finding ways to create a homogenous product for the industry. Evio Labs helps cannabis companies tackle issues of compliance and regulation. By having the right expertise on staff and the most up-to-date equipment, they are able to help producers prepare for success and adapt to change. Evio Labs wants to be a part of the overall process, from testing your water and soil to ensuring you are not introducing anything new into the food chain. One of the bigger elements they have been working on lately is assisting hemp farmers by performing CBD to THC ratios early in the plant cycle to help the farmers eliminate potential outliers. This helps farmers yield a full harvest.

From the small independent farms to larger commercial farms, Evio Labs is here to help. Their intention is to be provide for the industry in its entirety. Like Dr. Anthony Smith said, “Let’s take the guesswork out of cannabis, stop guessing and let us help you.”

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