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Wire Wrapping Genius: Tadas Designs



Wire Wrapping Genius: Tadas Designs

Tadas Andriuskevicius, a Denver-based wire-wrapping master, spends his days creating breathtaking treasures using certified precious gems. Born in Lithuania, he immigrated to the United States in 2001, and grew up in Northern Chicago where he continued to reside for a decade. After making the decision to move out west to Colorado, Tadas found himself immensely inspired by music and psychedelic art. He took it upon himself to begin exploring his creative capacity and stumbled upon the art of wire wrapping. What began as a hobby rapidly developed into a ‘starving artist’ lifestyle. After he finished his very first pendant, Tadas quit his day job to pursue his passion further.

A self-taught jeweler, Tadas designs and produces beautifully constructed, intricate pieces without use of a pre-sketch technique. His artistic talent simply stems from a fierce devotion to his craft and an underlying trust in his inner visionary understanding. A humble individual, Tadas has undoubtedly climbed the ladder of progression, consistently designing rare, elegant and truly unique pieces. Using gems like Ethiopian Welo Opals, Raw TanzaniteBurma Rubies, Columbian Emeralds, Topaz and various types of Tourmaline, it’s clear there are no limits on what he might conjure up next.

Although heavily influenced by his inward ability to let his creative visions guide him, Tadas also receives inspiration from a healthy dose of potent concentrates. “It puts me in the zone to focus on every single tiny piece of the jewelry,” he explained. Some of his favorite strains include Juicy Fruit Live Sugar, Banana Kush Live Sugar and Lemon G-13 Rosin. Cannabis improves Tadas’ concentration, and helps him generate a flawless flow. Magic unfolds from every twist and turn of the wire.

Looking into the future, Tadas envisions his vivid masterpieces being displayed and sold in a myriad of extraordinary boutiques around the world. He would love to see his pieces displayed in museums. Tadas never thought he would be making jewelry, nor that it would become his career, but he truly believes everyone is put on this earth to do something special. That something special for him is radiating happiness through his artwork with beautiful crystals. To view his amazing creations or request a custom piece, visit his Instagram, Etsy or Facebook.

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