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Witch Baby Soap: ‘Cause Every Body Can Use a Little Witchcraft



Witch Baby Soap

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be miserable. Yes, the soreness of working out can be brutal, but that creates a wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself! Witch Baby Soap offers the perfect products to do a little pampering — while letting your sexy, witchy side loose.

Founded in October 2013, Witch Baby Soap provides customers with an assortment of uniquely shaped products, including soaps, bath bombs, oils, scrubs and salves. Their Lady Ganja and Psychic bath bombs have the added benefit of CBD, a welcome addition for your weary muscles.

The best part about Witch Baby Soap? All of their products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. And if you’re missing that glittery glow in your bathtub, fear not! Witch Baby uses biodegradable glitter — just one of their many sustainable business practices.

Dragon’s Blood Body Oil: $6

Hallowmass Body Oil: $6

Psychic Bath Bomb: $7.75

Graveyard Body Oil: $5

Graveyard Bath Bomb: $8

Ouija Soap: $5.50

Glow in the Dark Ouija Soap: $5.50

Dragon’s Blood Bath Bomb: $8

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