Wookie Girl ‘91: Girl Power for the Stars


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Wookie Girl ’91 by Cloud Cover Cannabis

Breeder Tierra Rojo crossed Wookie ‘91 (Girl Scout Cookies x White ‘99) and Valley Girl to create Wookie Girl ‘91. The end result’s Mother Earth aroma pulled me back in time from the winter rain to a summer stroll next to berry bushes heavy with fruit, emitting their sun-warmed scent. This Cloud Cover Cannabis-produced strain’s indica-dominant lineage imbued a state of mutually beneficial mind and body relaxation, without making me pass out.

It’s the perfect strain to smoke in the evening, preventing blood pressure spikes and potential heart attacks while I attempt to keep dinner from burning, referee my kids while they fight — about fighting — and endure my dog’s insistent barking at invisible squirrels. Instead of losing myself in the chaos, I’m able to smile at my screaming spawn, ignore the dog and get dinner on the table!

Wookie Girl '91 by Cloud Cover Cannabis

Available At…

  1. Belmont Collective: 2036 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214
  2. Progressive Collective: 9810 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97216
  3. Bridge City Collective – North & South Locations