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What the World Needs Now: Kushy Punch Sets the Standard with Selfless Service



What the World Needs Now: Kushy Punch Sets the Standard with Selfless Service 5

Imagine a world where each industry leader took the initiative to help make it go round. Kushy Punch is setting a high philanthropic standard in and out of the medical cannabis realm.

The company, formed over two years ago, is hailed for delivering delicious gummies and disposable, pure potency vape pens. Found in over 700 stores throughout Southern and Northern California, the gummies differ from the traditional gummy bear.

As a business it is your responsibility to take care of your city and the people that need help—don’t expect the government to do it.”

-Ruben Cross, Kushy Punch Founder and CEO

The company’s dream, other than raising spirits with their edibles, is to extinguish world poverty and hunger, and help those with opioid addictions kick their habit. Ruben Cross and his team have taken the reigns as leaders of selfless service projects, showing others in the industry how it’s done.

As a business it is your responsibility to take care of your city and the people that need help—don’t expect the government to do it,” Cross explained. “I think it goes beyond charity—it’s hard to live in a world and be really joyful when you see so much suffering. It is our duty to take care of the ones that need help. I think we are blessed to be in this industry. I can’t imagine doing anything else at this time that would make such a huge impact on human health.”

Kushy Punch’s line of disposable vape pens

Estimations of drug overdoses, specifically those of prescription opioids or heroin, measured in at 62 percent in 2014. Cross explained that cannabis is no longer the gateway drug it was once stigmatized as. He has his eye on states that allow medical cannabis, and has noticed that the opioid overdose numbers are decreasing. For this reason, he aims to introduce his gummies to those in need.

“I have personally seen close friends come off narcotics and Vicodin abuse by using our Kushy Punch products—the statistics also show this in all the recreational states,” Cross shared.

This past summer, the company arranged a drop of 2,200 pounds of food at the LA Food Bank. By conducting a food drive, they distributed an impressive 1,867 meals to hungry families. Cross hopes that the remaining community of growers, vendors and patients becomes more aware of this issue and decide to join in the fight, especially for the upcoming holidays.

Members of the Kushy Punch team

Kushy Punch is also aiming their arrow of food sharing assistance towards animals. A 160-acre wildlife preserve called Wildlife Waystation in the Angeles National Forest outside of LA caught the eye of Kushy Punch. This place provides round the clock care for over 400 permanent animal residents. Since August 2016, Kushy Punch has been donating quarterly to their cause and the ongoing upkeep of the animals and grounds.

Cross explained, “The animals need love—we took away their lands and robbed them of their natural habitats as humanity’s greed expanded. The least we can do is take care of the ones we come in contact with.”

Hey industry, finding it hard to keep up? There’s more. After witnessing the amazing feat of volunteers in India planting a record 50 million-plus trees in one day, Kushy Punch is planning to conduct a dream project of their own. Breaking ground in 2018, the group aims to purchase 100 acres of land to plant their own forest. One tree can absorb approximately 48 pounds of CO2 per year; one ton by age 40! Just imagine the impact of 100 acres of trees.

Taking care of the animals

“There are over 7 billion people on the planet,” Cross expressed, “If each person was to plant just one tree and make sure it grows in their lifetime, we can heal our planet in 20 years. Global warming would stop or reverse, the atmosphere would start to heal and so would the energy of the planet. We want to be a catalyst for such a change. What we are doing is taking 100 acres of land that is barren, and we plan on planting it with trees to the point where it looks like a forest and possibly reintroduce some wildlife to the project. We hope our actions will motivate other businesses to do similar things.”

In closing, Cross had some parting words for the industry, “Get ready to go to war! We are warriors that wake up every morning and go into battle with the federal government, the bankers, the pharmaceutical companies and the establishment to bring forth a plant that has tremendous healing powers. The powers that be do not want this because it eats away at their profits. Be prepared to wear many hats and be versatile enough to flow with the mountain of change that will be coming down with regulations. Flow with the punches.”

Kushy Punch’s line of edible gummies


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