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YiLo Superstore: You Only Live Once – Choose YiLo!

The Novel Tree is a high-end dispensary located in the city of Bellevue, fifteen minutes from downtown Seattle, with two separate stores under one roof: one for medical patients and one for adult recreational customers, each with its own distinct ambiance.



YiLo Superstore Phoenix

YiLo Superstore

YiLo Superstore

YiLo Edibles

Conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix, YiLo opened its superstore doors in 2015. In addition to their one-stop super shop, YiLo Brand Edibles can be found in more than 100 dispensaries statewide, so I was eager to see what they had to offer—and I wasn’t disappointed! While employee Casey checked me in, I explored the “Green Outlet,” a separate room from the dispensary that doesn’t require a card to shop. It was full of local glassware, unique smoking apparatuses, tempting accessories and plenty of familiar products like RAW rolling papers and Phoenician grinders.

My friendly budtender Donna escorted me to the spacious, elegantly designed product floor. Creamy tile glistened in the natural light, accenting bold marble cases framing a series of charming displays that feature over 200 infused products. My eyes drifted over their sugary confections, including cheesecake, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars, tootsies, lollies, jollies and more; their natural selections, such as olive oil and a new nature bar line; an assortment of elixirs consisting of coffees, lemonades, juices, teas and my personal favorite, the Orange Mango Potion. I scoped out their line of CO2-extracted concentrates, as well as their impressive selection of flower: Cherry AK-47, Bubba Kush, Tahoe OG—44 strains total!

YiLo Superstore

YiLo Olive Oil

Managed by a stop light system, “each dosage level is color-coded, making it easier for patients to visually connect to the products that work consistently for them,” says General Manager Amanda. Despite being newly appointed, Amanda is progressive, passionate and utilizes the education of her employees, coupled with patient feedback, to propel their premier products to the next level. Combined with the innovative spirit of YiLo’s Chef David, this superstore has created a balanced line of decadent edibles that are not only delicious, but consistently effective.

Location: 2841 Thunderbird Rd B, Phoenix, AZ, 85053 | (602) 539-2828

Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 9am-10pm | Instagram: @yilophx | Website:



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